58. Owain Arwel Hughes, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, 2005

Holst - The Planets (Hughes, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, 2005)


“Mars” is played at a brisk tempo, but it’s not very ominous. It is very well-mannered, though. (It’s “Mars” in a three-piece suit.) I’m enjoying it, but I wouldn’t mind it being let off the leash, so to speak.

“Venus” is much better.

And I’m really enjoying “Mercury”. The orchestra scampers about quite playfully, and I like it a lot.

“Jupiter”? Yep, like that too. There’s a bit of a mess-up when the Jolly Tune begins at 1:07 – in the first two bars the bass tubas and the horns aren’t playing at the same tempo (it sounds like the bass tuba is trying to race away from the horns). But after the second bar things settle down and everyone’s playing as one. Things get a bit messy again from 1:57-2:06, but the orchestra’s back on track in no time. (Pun definitely not intended.) By the time “Jupiter” had finished I was thinking to myself, “That was a very polite and well-behaved ‘Jupiter'”.

“Saturn” is decent. Not great, but decent.

“Uranus” is… well, it’s so gosh-darn polite.

And so is “Neptune”.

I must say, this is a Planets recording where everything is dressed well, has a new pair of socks, and a clean handkerchief. Everything’s so neat and tidy. This is The Polite Planets.


One thought on “58. Owain Arwel Hughes, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, 2005

  1. wonderboy September 20, 2016 / 5:35 pm

    nothing special, but not bad


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