62. Zubin Mehta, New York Philharmonic, 1990

Holst - The Planets (Mehta, New York Philharmonic, 1990)


This is Zubin Mehta’s second go at The Planets. (He recorded it in 1971 with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, and it’s somewhere else on this list.)

“Mars” starts off well. It was quietly menacing up until the first orchestral bang at 1:23. The section from 3:23-4:47 in “Mars” is pretty slack (I kept wanting it to speed up, and not drag as much as it did), but overall the interpretation is of the not-set-the-world-on-fire variety.

The same goes for the rest of these Planets. There’s nothing terrible about it (except for maybe the bit in “Jupiter” from 5:33-5:38 which is waaay too slow for my liking), but then again there’s nothing great about it either. It’s what I’d call “middling”.

I’d sum it up by calling it a “didn’t need to be made” recording.


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