47. André Previn, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, 1986

Holst - The Planets (Previn, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, 1986)


As I’m listening to these Planets, I’m thinking of a phrase that government departments like to use: “Surplus to requirement.” André the P recorded Them Planets 12 years earlier with the London Symphony Orchestra, so while I’m listening merrily away to this one I’m wondering why he recorded it again. Was it:

a) he thought his earlier recording was rubbish, and could show everyone he’d do a much better job this time around;
b) he wanted to show off his new orchestra;
c) the orchestra wanted to show off their new conductor;
d) he had a new recording contract and was told “You better record something quick – how about something you’ve already recorded but can record again in a flash?”; or
e) he’s jealous that Sir Adrian Boult got to record it five times, and can outdo that Boult fellow.

If you have any clues, feel free to let me know.

But back to this recording. I’m enjoying it, and think it might be better than Andy’s previous recording (it certainly sounds better), but as I’m listening, the nagging feeling I have that I don’t actually need to be listening to it won’t go away. (Hopefully it’ll go away when I’ve finished listening to it.)

This is an enjoyable – and possibly unnecessary – Planets.

Best Moment: The Big Tune in “Jupiter” (3:07-4:48). It sings.


2 thoughts on “47. André Previn, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, 1986

  1. wonderboy September 20, 2016 / 5:31 pm

    i like this one , don’t know why :)


  2. Hans December 1, 2018 / 3:26 am

    Why unnecessary. Good recordings like this one are always welcome.


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