40. Sir Simon Rattle, Philharmonia Orchestra, 1981

Holst - The Planets (Rattle, Philharmonia Orchestra, 1981)


I like the rough’n’ready approach (i.e., it’s not slick) that Simon employs here, as opposed to his ultra-polished 2006 Berlin remake.

Everything here is played with a “Let’s have a bash at it” approach that I find endearing. I love the articulation in “Jupiter” (although the jaunty first theme is much faster than I imagined anyone would want to play it). There are a few moments of not-great intonation scattered about the recording (e.g., 3:07 in “Venus”), as well as a wrong note (5:29 in “Jupiter”), but it’s an infinitesimally small price to pay for a hale’n’hearty reading.


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